the invisible energie

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Fiber glass
480x220 cm


Invisible Energy was made to show the emotion hidden inside our vital energy.
Like a magnetic field, the visitor can walk around those 4 membranes. Each corner is a reflection of the center of the universe in the mirror with our own energy .
It is a form that tries to work on a physical aspect the trunk gives birth to 4  cardinal points where 4 stars are situated creating one harmony and position in the space.
These stars, which have a triangular shape, express the union of the masculine and feminine.
They form a circle that represents totality and unity.
the blood flow is stopped by the circle that represents cyclic cosmic forces, which has no beginning and no end like the infinity of the space.

Our body is made of cells and cancer is the result of a lot of stress.
Managing our energy with our environment and trying to take position in the space in a very geometric way is the projection of invisible energy.
The red tubes are the blood flowing inside our body that gets the right energy with the right respiration. I paint with different reds to give different vibrations. This massive red is like an extension of our self, flowing in the space.